Drivers can’t help but stare at your massive attention demanding advertisement.

Eye Level – In your face Marketing!  Lowest CPM your money can buy!

4.1 Million Monthly Impressions per truck!

  • Our trucks travel through some of the busiest streets in the city while making their deliveries.
  • Frontier trucks operate 16 to 24 hours a day, six or seven days a week.
  • Our trucks stop for 30 minutes at a time while unloading, creating a 3-sided eye-level billboard at high-visibility locations.
  • Our trucks enter areas that may have restrictions on other forms of outdoor advertising.
  • Our trucks are eye catching!
  • Our vinyl wraps are the highest quality making your ad standout and demand attention.
  • Multi-Dimensional Advertisements!
  • Our trucks cannot be tuned out, turned off, or thrown out.


EVERYONE is in the demographic for Mobile Billboard Advertising (98% of the population). Super commuters with higher income, higher rates of employment, greater percentage of home ownership, marriage and children. Tanker Mobile Media targets the big spenders and impulsive buyers!


Mobile advertising has a 97% Recall Rate! Source: OAM

  • ROI data tracking
    Up to the minute GPS tracking
    QR Code Scanning
    Promotional Text Messaging
    FM Frequency Radio Equipped Trucks



All of our trucks are GPS equipped to provide status reports that enable you to track visibility and effectiveness. Below is an example of our typical daily routes per truck.



A Quick Response Code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned by a smart phone’s camera to transfer important information back to the phone. Using our QR Code Service, people can scan your QR Code and automatically link to a webpage of your choice for more info about your company or product. You can also setup a QR Code that when scanned automatically composes a text message with your keyword and short code so that all people need to do is press SEND to join your mobile list. An automated text message can be sent back to them with a special coupon or offer, and you automatically store their mobile numbers in your database so that you can text them later. Increase Customer Reach & Retention Easily Track Number of Scans and Mobile Sign Ups Quickly Grow Your Mobile Database


Park one of our trucks at your event for a day. You’ll receive high visibility all day long, as well as maximum exposure for QR code and text promotions.