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Welcome to the new Lineup Assistant App Homepage - designed by coaches, for coaches!  Lineup Assistant is an excellent tool to help youth baseball and softball coaches for all age groups set up and distribute optimized lineups based on their customizable league rules...AND WITHOUT SPENDING HOURS DOING IT!!  Currently available only on the Apple App Store, but coming soon to other platforms.

How does Lineup Assistant Work?

Lineup Assistant has three easy to use screens to: (1) enter each player's name, jersey number, and a fielding and throwing evaluation score (2) set up your League Setting, (3) have Lineup Assistant create the optimal lineup either from scratch, or using a 1st inning lineup that you create or edit.  Then simply check the lineup and make any inning by inning coaching tweaks you want.  Once the lineup is complete, just email or text it out and you're ready to play ball!

Detailed Instructions:

It's usually best to begin with the League Settings page and set up the assistant based on the rules your leagues is playing.  It's always important as a coach to check the requirements your league sets to make sure you are following the rules.  Not only is it embarrassing when the other coach confronts you for setting up the team improperly, it's part of fair play!  Many recreational leagues require each participant to play the infield at least once by the 3rd inning.  Or a player may only sit on the bench one inning before all the others must also sit on the bench.  Make sure these rules are included in the League Settings page.  The settings page also has a selection to Optimize Fielding Position or keep players in the starting position as much as allowed.  Optimizing keeps the best available fielders in the premium positions, but it sometimes helps to keep players in the same position as much as possible to learn that position.  If your league has certain rules that are not included in the League Settings page, please email us and we'll try to include it on the next update.


Next enter your players and their jersey numbers in the correct batting order on the Evaluation page.  It's typically better to put your faster players that can get on base in the 1 and 2 spot, and your better overall hitters in the 3, 4 and 5 spots.  Try to get the fair, but slower hitters in the 6, 7 and 8 spots, and the weaker, but hopefully quicker players in the last couple spots.


Once you have the league settings and the batting order set up, start entering each players fielding and throwing evaluation scores.  The system is set up to tab between each entry field to make this as expedited as possible.  The system will work best if you base this evaluation on each player's actual ability and not a relative score to the other players.  It's fine if you have all 1, 2 and 3s.  Different positions are more important based on the overall skill of the team and each player.  Here is a basic guideline for the evaluation:


1:  Beginner, or nearly no prior experience.

2-3:  Entry level, but developing.  Most kids 6u will be 1-3.

4-5:  Makes most basic plays, but inconsistently.  This includes ages 6-8 with good experience or older players with minimal.

6-7:  Makes routine plays consistently.  Knows where to go, and reliable to make typical plays.   Higher skilled 7-8 year olds and older players with good experience.

8:  Highly skilled to make routine plays easily, and even some more difficult plays.

9:  Nearly flawless on typical plays and excellent all around.


After completing the evaluation, the quickest process is to click the "New Lineup" button.  This will set the optimal lineup based on the league settings and evaluations you entered.  However, there are certainly coaching nuances the system doesn't know.  You can easily go in and edit the 1st Inning lineup on the far right "1st" column.  Once you are happy with the 1st Inning lineup, click the "Lineup From 1st Inning" button to have the complete lineup revised based on these adjustments.


Now you're almost ready!  Go to the Lineup page for the complete lineup.  It will be 100% compliant with the league rules you set up, but you may want to make a few coaching adjustments to get it just right.  Click on the player inning to make whatever adjustments you want.  The system will automatically swap positions with the player that previously played that position to make sure you always have the correct positions filled, and no duplicates.  And when you're finished, click the "Verify Lineup" button to make sure your changes still comply with the league rules. 

Just a Few More Details:

You can save up to four (4) teams on your Lineup Assistant app, and as many as needed in stored files on your device or cloud storage.  Toggle between teams by clicking "File", then the "Change Teams" button.  You can also copy and paste the players to another team setup if you need different lineups with the same players.  Insert, delete or swap players in lineups using the "Insert Line", "Delete Line", or "Swap Player" buttons on the number keypad (far left column used to edit the player jersey number).  To swap two players in the batting order, click the <Swap Player> button, then click on the player you want swapped and click the button again.  This will swap those two players in the batting order while keeping all their fielding positions and evaluation scores the same.  Be sure to "Save" your information from the File menu to use it for the next game. 


Email, text, or save lineups to your photo library using the "Send" buttons, or send it in a .csv spreadsheet format using the "Spreadsheet" button.   You can save a complete lineup on your device or cloud storage using the "Save File" button, and re-load that team later with the "Open File" button.


You're ready to play ball!











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